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iDesign Lasik wavefront operation-The Vision You’ve Always Wanted & Clarity Beyond Your Imagination

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​What iDesign Lasik wavefront operation Can Offer You: (Optimal for ages 18-45)

  • Faster Recovery
  • Avoid Human Error
  • Less Glare and Halos
  • Higher Chance of 20/20
  • Accurate Astigmastim Treatment

What’s New with iDesign:

  • Higher resolution
  • Better Eye Tracking & Iris Registration
  • Faster Computer System
  • Better Outcomes than Ever Before
  • Specialized Treatment Plans

Dr.Rajesh Khanna at iDesign Lasik wavefront operation Westlake village wavefront

The Latest And Greatest In Lasik Technology:

Behind the Brain: The AMO WaveScan WaveFront ® System is the industry leader for cutting-edge Wavefront acquisition and interpreting the big data obtained . Like the brain, it analyzes the data obtained quickly. Idesign performs micro-refractions over 1257 zones. Which is more than any human or any other machine can perform. It generates a unique treatment plan specialized for your eye, which is then transferred to an advanced Excimer laser. 

Fast & Precise Data: iDesign Wavescan sends a beam of light into your eye. The light travels though all the imperfections to the retina. The light is reflected from the retina back to the intelligent iDesign Wavescan, and the iDesign Wavescan then uses Fourier Algorithms (advanced maths), to capture the unique treatment for your eye. This latest technique uses 100% of available data points to ensure the best plan for you and your eyes.

The efficient software on the fast and efficient computer is able to sift through the various readings obtained, to create the treatment that is perfectly tailored to you. Which is a huge step-up from the “better 1 or better 2” employed by your optometrist. The technology’s results are then processed in very high quality resolution.

From iDesign Testing to Treatment: The Wavescan machine obtains the high quality data for any pupil size up to 7mm. This allows it to reconstruct a very accurate Wavefront map of your eye. The Wavescan links to the Visx Wavefront IR laser to transmit the data. The Chances of human error in data entry are completely avoided making the procedure even safer than with other treatments. The surgeon can then use off-line programming so that Dr.Khanna can design your treatment accurately with ease. 

Reap the Benefits With Dr. Khanna:

  • Custom treatment
  • Specially tailored to you
  • Newest technology
  • See without glasses or contacts
  • Build Confidence
  • Newest technology
  • 25+ years of Experience
  • Warm and Caring staff and Doctor

iDesign Lasik wavefront operation is what you need to consider. Please call or book your online appointment.

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