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Activities After Lasik eye surgery

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Activities after Lasik eye surgery poses a lot of thinking. We are often asked how long after laser vision correction certain activities should be avoided. Please speak with one of the counselors if there is any activity that applies to you which is not listed below.

*You must avoid bacteria present in water so NO jacuzzi, sauna, or swimming in pools or the ocean for 2 weeks. Showering is fine, just keep your eyes closed!

Working out: It is fine to go to the gym to workout the day after the procedure but try to avoid excessive sweat in the eyes or rubbing the eyes for one week. A headband is recommended the first week to decrease getting sweat in the eyes.

Please put the antibiotic drop after you workout. 

Beauty Treatments after Lasik eye surgery
Eye Makeup 3 Days

Eyebrow Threading 1 Month

Eyelash Tinting 1 Month

Eyelash Extensions 1 Month

Facials 1 Month

Hair Coloring 1 Month

Permanent Makeup 1 Month

Latisse 1 Month

Sports Activities after Lasik eye surgery:

Aerobics Next Day          

Basketball 1 Week           

Bicycling (Indoor) Next Day

Bicycling (Outdoor) 1 Week 

Running/Jogging Next Day

Scuba Diving 1 Week 

Skiing 1 Week 

Skydiving 1 Week 

Surfing 2 Weeks

Swimming 2 Weeks

Weightlifting Next Day

Working out (light) Next Day

Hot Yoga 1 Week

Regular Yoga Next Day

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