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Bakersfield Presbyopia Treatment For a Hairstylist

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A young lady from Bakersfield with presbyopia came in to see us. Bakersfield presbyopia patients have been coming to our Westlake Village Lasik office for many years. In fact, she was referred by her sister for who we had done lasik around 11 years ago. She came along with her. After 11 years still 20/20 in each eye.

Diagnosis of Bakersfield Presbyopia

After the patient, Blanca had settled from the drive and had a cup of coffee the Ophthalmic Technicians began the tests. Pachymetry map generation was done by Cirrhus 5000 made by Car Zeiss. Cirrhus also generates optic nerve scan and macula scan to detect early glaucoma and macular degeneration. Zeiss also makes Atlas 9000 corneal color topgraphy machine to document and analyze the shape of the cornea.

Than the patient was taken to an exam room where distance and near vision was checked. Auto refraction was used to guide manifest refraction, that is the spectacle correction required in each eye to see far and near. It was at this point that the doctor detected she had anisometropia. That is the powers in the two eyes were different. She had natural monovision. One eye could see far whereas the other eye could see near and not far. This is what is normally attempted by monovision lasik. So the options for here were to increase the add power in one eye. Now, did we mention she was going to become a hairstylist soon?

Treatment Options to Fix Bakersfield Presbyopia with Astigmatism

So the options were monovision lasik or presbyopic implant in eye. We demonstrated to her how the option of lasik would pan out. She felt disoriented. Further she remarked as a future hairstylist depth perception was very important to her. She did not want to accidentally nip a clients’ ear. Very valid as a customer I have experienced that painful nip once.

So we decided presbyopia along with astigmatic correction using the latest innovation from Johnson and Johnson and the experience and skill of Rajesh Khanna, MD was the best option. She passed all the the safety parameters. Specialized tests were done to calculate the exact power and orientation of the ,multifocal presbyopic implant to be deployed in each eye.

The painless PIE procedure

It was done in our Beverly Hills Cataract and PIE Ambulatory surgery center (ASC). It is one of the biggest and most sophisticated ASC dedicated exclusively to eye procedures. Needless to say the procedures were painfree and quick- A few minutes each eye.z

The results speak

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Than the video above is worth a million. Ok, if you are a little weak in Spanish let us appraise you of the outcome. Within 24 hours she drove from Fillmore where she had stayed with her sister. Each eye distance 20/20. What about near vision? Well it was worth for to come to Beverly Hills for here PIE procedure for near vision in each eye was also 20/20. No more astigmatism either.

Yes, her eyes still had some inflammation for which we gave her a combo drop containing a mixture of antibiotics, Non steroidal anti inflammatory and steroid drops. The shutterbug phenomena due to the swelling of wound, dilatation and light bouncing off the Presbyopic multifocal implant would wane in the next few days.

Khanna Vision Institute Presbyopia book

So this young hairdresser drove home to Bakersfield Presbyopia conquered. Dr.Khanna uses a unique philosophy when qualifying patients and selecting best presbyopic implant for them. You can learn more about it in the bestseller “Rejuvenate Aging Eye” – The Miracle of PIE. Please call or email us to order a book.