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After PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye

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Well you did the right thing undergoing this amazing procedure. Now it is important to understand the care After PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye. Most of it is logical. Some specific points are unique and important.

Drops after PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye

You may have received a yellow capped combo drop bottle from us. It contains a combination of antibiotic, steroid and non steroidal drops. If not, you may have been prescribed these as three separate bottles. You need to put a drop of the combo bottle four times a day. If the three separate bottles, we will give you instructions on each but the antibiotic and steroid is usually four times a day too. The NSAID drops can vary from one time a day to four times a day based on the brand. That is why we prefer the combo drop. One bottle one drop four times a day and tapered down over the next few weeks.

Back to office next day After PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye
Back to office next day After PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye

Specific Instructions after PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye

Do not touch eye.

If the eye is watering do not dab the eye. Instead let the fluid run to the upper cheek before wiping it. This is because the eye may not have recovered full sensation. In such a scenario you can accidentally scratch the cornea without feeling any pain.

Put drops regularly. Avoid touching the tip of the dropper.

Avoid lifting heavy weights including babies. Refrain from strenuous weights in the week after the procedure.

No water activities for first week.

Common sense decisions after PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye

There are some restrictions which a person cant figure out themselves. Like avoiding smoke. Therefore you should not be near a BBQ or food which generates lot of smoke. A follow up logical deduction would be to avoid smoking. If you are a person who cannot withhold smoking or need marijuana for anxiety relief you would need to wear eye goggles which prevent smoke entering your eyes.

It is easy to infer that a spa should be avoided to too, as there may be chemicals in the vapors. Also since the wound does not heal fully till 3-4 days swimming in a pool or ocean water is not to be done.

Rubbing the eye is to be avoided and is more dangerous than even a blow to the eye. This is because tangential force generated by rubbing can open the wound leading to a leak.

Lifting weights, pushups, yoga and other physical activities deserve special mention. We have to use common sense as we return to these activities after PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye. Walking could be started the same day and gradually morph into running. Weights to be avoided for first 3- 4 days and than gradually ramped up to pre surgery level.

Our counselor talking about after PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye instructions

Remember each person is unique. So Dr.Khanna and staff can tailor your post op regimen to fit your life style. Do not hesitate to discuss this in the postoperative visits. You can also reach out to us through email or text.

We will provide you written instructions too. Its best to insert them in the special bag we give you after the procedure. You should also put the eye drops, shield and the like in this clean bag so as to avoid contamination or exposure to temperature fluctuations. When at home this bag should be in a cool dry place. When travelling keep it away from direct sunlight.

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