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Tax Refund for Lasik eye surgery

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Lets see how we can use tax refund for Lasik eye surgery. First a little apology for the hiatus. We’ve been busy expanding our locations to include Oxnard, Sherman Oaks, Moorpark besides Westlake Village Beverly Hills and Inglewood to serve you better.

Now we are back right in time for you, when your money is coming back from IRS. Yes it’s the tax refund season and we all wonder how best to use that money coming in. One of the best investments for now and ever is to use it to improve your vision by enhancing surgery. Lasik or even PIE can give returns far beyond today. Let’s talk about how best to use this refund coming from Uncle Sam for the latest VisuMax painless lasik eye procedure.

As you recall lasik eye surgery has been there around for 23 years but in the last few years there has been a major shift in the platform. For the first time it has become totally painless and in fact we have to document we’re doing surgery otherwise patients think nothing was done. ha ha isn’t that funny?

Now we are going to let you in on a secret. and so even though you’re getting refund you can hold on to the refund and still finance lasik eye surgery. That means you get 0 percent APR nothing down for 24 months just pay like $200 to $250 a month for both eyes and and you use that money you got back to make monthly payments or you can pay everything upfront and ask for cash upfront discount or you can combine them. Nice, right?

Tax Refund for Lasik eye surgery
Photo by John Guccione Tax Refund for Lasik eye surgery

Before spending the Tax Refund for Lasik eye surgery

Before spending the Tax Refund for Lasik eye surgery please discuss the surgery pricing and what it really covers. That’s very important to know when you’re comparing top surgeons or practices. Some practices, especially the ones which advertise specials ads on radio and TV will advertise a lower price and believe it or not they’ll advertise something which is less than the cost of surgery. But when you go there they always have an escape clause where you don’t qualify. Either your prescription is too high or you’ve got astigmatism or you are told you are too young and various other reasons.The best centers in the country, where the top doctors are working and the laser centers owned by doctors usually give you one fixed price all inclusive.

We at Khanna Vision Institute believe since we are talking about it as an investment and not an expense and we are confident about our skills, technologies we are using in the care we can provide we include a lifetime warranty. So what is Uncle Sam going to pay for when you sign up with us?

It will pay for all your exams, all the measurements required for an accurate input into the laser whether it be through idesign visx laser or Allegretto HD500. It includes the surgeron fees, the laser suite fee, the drops, follow ups for a year including dry eye therapy and drops and medicine and everything so you don’t have to spend anything out of your pocket. It also includes a lifetime warranty that means if you keep coming every year for a specialized eye exam your warranty does not expire. So that’s a very important thing we offer.

The lifetime warranty does apply even to PIE surgery. Lets consider an example to understand the difference between lasik and PIE or presbyopic implant in eye. You surely can read it in my book “rejuvenate aging eyes – the miracle of pie” available on Amazon. As a rule of thumb, under 45 lasik is more preferred and above 45 PIE surgery.

Tax Refund for SuperLasik eye surgery

If you are under 45 years of age but do not qualify as a good candidate for lasik eye surgery we offer safer alternatives. Superlasik eye surgery and ICL or implantable collamer lens. Infact, now we’ve had a brand new collamerr lens introduced in the USA after FDA approval. It’s called the Evo icl. The big difference between this and the old icl is this one has a built in hole to prevent pupillary blockage after surgery so we don’t have to do a peripheral iridectomy that is make an opening in the colored part of the eye by a laser.

The best way to see which procedure would be ideal for you is to come for a free no obligation consult and let our advanced machines get all the facts which our doctors and myself doctor Khanna the surgeon can analyze. We can than recommend the best and safest procedure for your eyes.

As we have seen in our show today there are many procedures where you can invest the refund heading your way. The best way is to book an appointment by filling a form here or calling us. If you’re an out of town patient please do mention it because for out of town patients we have a special program where we may even offer you a free stay in a hotel. So we are looking forward along with our partners at Uncle Sam.who is going to fund your surgery to give you spectacular vision which you’ll be using every day in your life and even while dreaming.

Have a safe and wonderful day.

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