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Low Monthly Installments for Best Painless LASIK

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You Want the Best LASIK Eye Surgery

It is human desire to have the best. It is true for Lasik eye surgery too. Yet for some young people shelling out $ 6000 upfront may not be possible. We understand your situation. Therefore we offer low monthly installments for painless laser vision correction with life time warranty.

We do not want you to compromise on the quality of your lasik procedure. Khanna Vision is commited to give the best experience to our patients whatever their current economic situation.

Low Monthly Installments Painless Lasik Procedure

We have made it easy in cooperation with financing institutions for you to apply for the no interest financing. You could do it from the comfort of your home or even from your phone while at our office. Yes you could use our office computers to do the same. The application forms are pretty simple asking name, address, income and few more facts.

The banks look at various factors including credit score before approving you. There are brochures which we can give you or you can visit their sites to learn individual terms and conditions.

Alphaeon Special Refractive Surgery Financing

Alphaeon has been formed especially to help in cash based medical procedures. Therefore they go an extra step in helping our patients.

The most important thing they do is first run a preapproval process without affecting your credit. They will then inform you of the preapproved amount. You have a choice to continue further for the full approval process.

Our Practice ID for Alphaeon is 23801

Traditional Financing Banks

Wells fargo health services also offers no interest down loans for medical procedures. Even if you have a bank account with them you still have to go through the same application process.

Synchrony Bank through Care Credit has been around a long time helping patients see better by offering monthly installments.

Easy Monthly installments through financing can make this possible even for you

FAQ on Paying for Lasik and PIE

Can LASIK surgery be financed?

Yes it can be financed through external agencies. Many people ask us how come we don’t do internal financing like cosmetic dentists. The answer is simple. Dr. Khanna needs to only one intervention and you are set for life. Cosmetic dentists require frequent visits to complete their goal.

How much does LASIK cost with insurance?

Twenty years ago insurance used to cover Radial Keratotomy or RK. When Lasik initially replaced RK medical insurance provided coverage

Can you pay for LASIK with a credit card?

Yes we accept all credit cards be it Visa, Mastercard or even American Express.

lasik surgery financing

Lasik eye surgery financing bad credit

That is a curve ball. Each case would have to be judged on a special basis

Lasik payment plan near me

Khanna Vision is here to help you and make it easy for you to enjoy glorious vision.

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