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3 Important Points After ICL Surgery for Spectacular Vision

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Recovery After ICL Surgery

Wow. Now you can finally see without your glasses. After ICL Surgery recovery may take some time. It may be a little blurry as you just had surgery and pupil may still be dilated. You could experience mild nausea and pressure on eye. A tablet or two of ibuprofen or tylenolol should reduce or remove the pain.

Precautions After ICL Surgery

As you may recall the ICL floats between iris and the natural lens. If you rub your eyes very hard you could push the ICL onto the natural lens. This could result in a mild opacity on the natural lens.Excessive repeated rubbing may even induce cataracts.

Avoid lifting heavy weights or extreme physical sports in the first week after surgery. We need to allow the wound to heal completely before undertaking such ventures.

Problems After ICL Surgery

With any surgical intervention we have to to be cognizant of problems and intervene at the earliest. Eye pain due a rise in the pressure of the eyes is the most ominous we have to watch out for. This usually heralds pupillary block glaucoma. Again, if you remember a YAG laser iridotomy was performed before icl procedure to prevent this. Sometimes a surgical iridectomy is done for the same reason either as a primary procedure or to augment the laser iridotomy. In the surgical hands of Rajesh Khanna, MD this is very rare. He ensures the patency of the iridotomy before ICL procedure. Yet each eye is different and it could occur.

If such is the case than an immediate intervention is required. The previously performed laer iridotomy may need to be enhanced or another laser irdotomy may be needed.

What to expect after Implantable Collamer Lens procedure?

To summarize you can expect mild discomfort and a little hazy vision which should resolve with passing hours and almost be gone after a day or so. Persistent blurry vision after the ICL implant surgery would be a cause for concern and need to be investigated.

Blurry vision after icl surgery

It may present as a side effect of the surgery due to water in cornea or cells in the anterior chamber. It can also be due to residual refractory error and astigmatism.

Blurry vision after ICL surgery
Blurry Vision
Dos and Don’ts after icl surgery

Do take your prescribed drops. This may be a combo all in one or two three separate bottles. Also wear dark glasses in day time and shields before sleeping. You may need to wear anti glare glasses in the first few days after the surgery. at Khanna Vision we provide all you need so you don’t have to worry. You can even upgrade to designer sunglasses at our optical center.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions after ICL Surgery

Can you fly after icl surgery?

Its best to wait 3 days before flying. This allows the wound to heal preventing bugs entering the eye. also the most critical time to develop a spike in pressure would have passed.

Headache after icl surgery

A mild headache is common. It may be from the miotic or pupil constricting agents used. It could also be from the anxiolytic or the surgery itself. A higher grade of pain especially accompanied by nausea and vomiting is of extreme concern as it may be associated with rise in eye pressure.

Eye pain after icl surgery

Feeling of sandiness or foreign body sensation is common. A mild pain is also commonly felt. A throbbing intense pain affecting vision is rare and needs to be reported to the surgeon.

Makeup after icl surgery

After 3 days when wound has healed you can apply make up.

Dry eyes after icl surgery

ICL itself does not cause dry eyes like lasik eye surgery does. This is because in lasik the flap cuts the corneal nerves. In ICL the wounds are at the periphery of the cornea sparing the corneal nerves.

Hope this information has been useful to you.

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