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Khanna Vision Institute Opens New Locations, New Doctors, and New Technology!

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Khanna Vision Institute is excited to announce the opening of its two newest locations, the newest technology being used, and two new hires! When one is in pain and needs to be seen by a doctor immediately, unfortunately sometimes the doctor can be completely booked up, working in a different office, or just too far of a drive. Khanna Vision Institute listens to its patients’ concerns and has come up with three solutions. More locations, more doctors, and new technology. 

I Want Eyecare Near Me in Sherman Oaks

When looking at patients, and where they are located, Dr. Rajesh Khanna noticed a traveling gap for patients located in the Simi Valley Area as well as the Van Nuys area. To help accommodate, Khanna Vision Institute has acquired two new offices. One located at 144 Los Angeles Ave. #111 in Moorpark, California; As well as, 15230 Burbank Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, California. 

Eyecare near me Sherman Oaks

Eye Care Near Me in Moorpark?

Newly renovated, the moorpark office will offer an open layout with a beautiful waiting area, exam rooms, and plenty of parking. The Sherman Oaks office is a booming optometrist office that will be seeing adults and kids alike! Being able to help the younger generation see their goals clearer is an amazing opportunity for Khanna Vision Institute, and we are proud to help them achieve clear vision along the way. In addition to the grand opening of these offices, Khanna Vision Institute will be offering a new way to see patients…virtually!

Done with a robotic remote, one will be able to get seen by the doctor virtually. Getting an appointment with the doctor can be difficult sometimes. Whether the doctor is not in office that day, or the drive is too far away. To help patients be seen faster, Khanna Vision Institute has implemented new technology to let the patient and doctor meet through a zoom meeting. Now the doctor will be able to schedule appointments at all locations Monday through Friday, and look at patients results from one location. So the age old query will be finally solved. I want eyecare near me. Asthe doctor will video call patients through zoom to discuss their findings and hear the patients concerns means the doctor will always be close to you, my reader. Lastly, new offices, and seeing double the amount of patients, means new hires.

Khanna Vision Institute is happy to announce Dr. Galina Vaidyan and Dr.Ann Gno to the family. Both doctors are experienced in medical optometry as well as delivering prescriptions and Contact Lens management. In addition Dr. Galina Vaidyan who will be working at the Sherman Oaks office starting October 18th will provide vision therapy for lazy eyes; While Dr. Ngo will be at the Moorpark office starting in December 2021. Both are Optometrists. This will allow us to offer vision therapy and myopia control in children.

To learn more about our practices or our doctors please call (310) 482-1240.

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