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Advantages Of Lasik Eye Surgery

ADVANTAGES OF LASIK EYE SURGERY: 45 million people in the USA wear contact lenses. You may be one of the 45 million. Do you enjoy having to wear contacts – or glasses, for that matter?

Having to put on your glasses or contact lenses on a daily basis can be a hassle, but you need them to read, drive, and do most of your everyday activities. However, what if you could reduce the need to wear your glasses or contact lenses?


Video Transcript – Advantages of Lasik Eye Surgery

Dr. Khanna reporting back for duty educating you about eye surgery and the latest event advances by or lazy which one is right for you. (advantages of lasik eye surgery)

So LASIK is ideal for people under 40 years of age and pi is ideal for people above 50. So between 40 and 50 you could have a choice of each it does not mean you cannot do LASIK on people above 50 years but and I mean most importantly LASIK is best done in the 20s and early 30s because lasik can give you one of the three distance middle or near.

Everybody wants distance and when you are young under 40 you can accommodate move your muscles and worse them bring bring them closer so you can see near but above 45 and 50 you lose that ability so if you want to make one eye near and one eye far that’s the 30 year technology and you have problem blind zone in the middle by overcomes all these if you’re about 50 you’ll be able to see far middle and near.

So in lasik you get one focus and in pi you get all three so if you’re under 40 one is enough because your eyes can compensate and cut the other two above 50 lazy cannot deliver all three so you need pie so if you are 20 years old you don’t have to think of pie you do lazy eye design LASIK the best in most lasik this one if you’re 60 you don’t have to think about LASIK you have to think about pie. (advantages of lasik eye surgery.)

So I hope this can make everything clear it will be very clear when you have the
surgery. If you have any question or you can always post a question question here we’re looking forward to help you to give you clear vision have a wonderful day.

PIE or Lasik? Which is Best for You!

Advantages of lasik eye surgery

LASIK eye surgery might be the solution. Whether you’re myopic (nearsighted), hyperopic (farsighted), or have astigmatism – Lasik may very well be the solution for you. Corrected vision may be the most apparent advantage to LASIK – no more glasses or contacts. However, what is LASIK eye surgery specifically and how does it fix vision problems? To understand exactly how Lasik eye surgery works, you need to understand what the cornea is and how it correlates with our vision. (advantages of lasik eye surgery.)

What Is the Cornea?
The cornea is the dome-shaped, clear outer layer of the eye. It protects against dirt, dust particles, and bacteria. It also functions as a window that allows the light to come into our eyes and hit the retina in the back of the eye.
When light enters our eyes, the rounded shape of the cornea refracts that light to the correct spot on the retina. There are other factors that can affect one’s capability to see, but often times the shape of the cornea can have a whole lot to do with one’s vision and how well we see. advantages of lasik eye surgery.


What Is LASIK Eye Surgery?
LASIK eye surgery reduces one’s need for contact lenses and glasses. Many LASIK patients have results of their vision returning to 20/20, some even wind up with 20/15 vision – even better than 20/20!
When having LASIK eye surgery, the surgeon makes a small cut with a laser on the surface of the cornea. This creates a flap over the surface of the cornea. After they make the flap, the flap is opened like a door and the laser is used to reshape the cornea. This permits the cornea to better refract the light coming in to the eye and allows the light to hit the correct spot on the retina. (advantages of lasik eye surgery.)

By choosing the best Lasik eye surgeon with the most up to date technology and FDA approved lasers and equipment, you are guaranteeing the best results after Lasik. 

Here are 6 advantages you could enjoy from having LASIK surgery!

No Pain
The thought of having a laser used on one’s eye sounds painful, as well as scary.

However, it’s not near as bad as you might think! In fact, one of the reasons that LASIK is so popular is because it has very minimal discomfort. You may occasionally feel a little pressure, but it’s no more than how it feels when you rub your eye when you’re tired.
Before the procedure begins, your doctor will provide numbing eye drops. These feel no different from other prescription or non-prescription eye drops. Nonetheless, they include an anesthetic which numbs the eye – hence, pain free surgery!!

As soon as you blink after administering the eye drops, they infuse into the entire eye. Only your eye will really feel numb. Your eyelids and the surrounding areas will not.

The only thing you’ll feel during the time the procedure is the speculum used to hold your eye open and it feels no different than when you hold your eye open to apply contact lenses!

What About During & After the Treatment?
You will not really feel any type of discomfort during the procedure. You may feel a bit of a pressure when your eye surgeon creates the flap. However, any pressure or discomfort will be marginal.
Throughout the remainder of the treatment, your ophthalmologist will have you look at a light. As you look at the light, your surgeon will administer the laser as they reshape your cornea. This procedure usually takes much less than a minute. (advantages of lasik eye surgery.)

Afterward, your doctor will replace the flap – no stitches or bandages required! Your surgeon will then administer eye drops and have you rest comfortable for 10-15 minutes. After your eyes have had a chance to rest, your surgical technician will go over your post-operative instructions, apply the protective eye wear and send you home.

Patients need about a day to recover after the surgery. Some might experience tearing, mild irritation, light sensitivity, and foggy vision on the day of the surgical procedure. These side effects will subside within 24 hours after the procedure as the eyes start to heal.

Immediate Outcomes
People can expect significantly improved vision the day after surgery.

People can also resume their regular tasks the day after surgical treatment. They only restriction is to avoid swimming for about 2 weeks.

As the eyes continue to heal, some patients may experience halos and glares. Nonetheless, these will subside in the weeks following surgical treatment.

Save Money
The cost of contact lenses, frames, and contact solutions can add up over time. Annual optometrist visits can cost you a lot of money. Since LASIK reduces the need for eyeglasses and contacts, people can save money every year by not having to replace lenses or frames.

Boosted Confidence
If you are self-conscious about how you look when wearing your glasses, LASIK can take care of that by getting rid of those glasses.

It is much easier to play sports after LASIK. Say goodbye to goggles! No more changing your frames or fretting about knocking them off. You don’t need to worry about contacts falling out during events. Advantages of lasik eye surgery.

Allergy Relief
Do you put on contact lenses and experience seasonal allergic reactions?
Are scratchy, watery eyes a daily, annoying event for you? That’s because your contact lenses most likely catch the pollen in the air, further annoying your eyes.
After LASIK, you will not need to suffer with your seasonal allergies any longer. Rather, you’ll experience the changing seasons without discomfort. (advantages of lasik eye surgery)

Experience the Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery – Advantages of lasik eye surgery
LASIK might not be the best choice for every patient, however, one thing is clear –
after having LASIK eye surgery, you’ll experience an enhancement in your quality of life……..from various angles!

Are you located in California? To discover if LASIK eye surgery is right for you, contact us today at Khanna Vision Institute or email us at


  1. It’s great that you talked about how Lasik surgery has very minimal discomfort for its patients. My brother has been wearing glasses since he was a kid, and I heard that he doesn’t want to wear them anymore to boost his confidence. I want to support him, so I’ll try to suggest that he undergo Lasik surgery.

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