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Monovision Lasik In a Highly Motivated Person

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Monovision Lasik

I had Monovision LASIK – I feel awesome.

Video Transcript

My name is Metual Wallmart and I had monovision lasik on my left eye. I woke up this morning its awesome. I love it, the staff is awesome. You guys are great. Thank you.

I had Monovision LASIK – I feel awesome.
Monovision Lasik Surgeon
Rajesh Khanna MD – Monovision Lasik Surgeon
PIE or Monovision Lasik

Video Transcript

Which is superior PIE or Monovision Lasik? This is a very commonly asked question from
various readers from around the world.

So, today we are going to say Pie is superior to monovision. We are born with two eyes each one gives a different image to the brain because they are placed at an angle to each other usually that’s 23 degrees.

How they sit in the skull that generated image in the brain creates a three-dimensional world.

In other words, we get two different images reaching the brain which fuses them and superimposes the common parts to create depth perception.

Now this works at all distance far middle and near, which allows us to put threads in a needle and change our car lanes on either side.

What happens as we grow older and reach around 40 years of age we begin to lose
a reading abilities and this can become cumbersome in modern day where computers
a lot of reading on books, smartphones is needed.

So readers have been developed for this or cheating glasses as they call readers or cheaters to help people see far.

But a lot of people don’t like wearing cheater especially if they are mobile people play golf and then they don’t want to be having to look at their score cards with cheaters which they might forget or break.

So around 40 years ago somebody thought of a answer to this problem they came up with mono vision where one eye would be farnear and one eye would be distance and this was also the time in contact lens were coming out.

So the contact lens were used to create artificial monovision so the dominant eye that is deeper dominant would be for the distance and non dominant eye would be for near.

Around fifty years ago when this was introduced there was no other alternative and lot of people liked the freedom. But it came at a cost because binocularity was lost at all distances so turning lanes in the car etc become problem as is you have to turn you head more often so that the dominant distance,

I can look where you want to go and when LASIK was introduced this method of monovision lasik was used with LASIK to create our artificial monovision lasik and some people took it a step further during cataract surgery they ended up with mono vision some
surgeons thought why not use this for refractive surgery itself and people above 50 who want to be free of glasses could be made free by putting different kinds of implants in each eye so lenses like actress soft techniques more of vocal or soft tech HD lenses are used to create one eye for distance and one eye from here but that’s a big compromise.

We know binocular vision is superior because people who’ve had mono vision before and then resorted back to binocular vision tell us all the things they have been missing.

Just to give you an example wife of our patient who was doing monovision with contact lens told us that whenever he turns left in the car the he ends up hitting curbs very often, but not on the right side because his right eye is for distance and left is for near so when he looks to the side he doesn’t see clearly.

Same way depth perception when you want to overtake a car and go march between two cars that perception becomes very important.

The best baseball players in basketball players have very good vision and very good binocularity so all this has shown that compromising binocularity makes us unsafe and leads to more troubles, lucky and even it could lead to accidents.

For example, imagine a person who is doing mono vision and something goes into his eye the dominant distance eye while he is driving that says window was open and a speck of dust flows in and he cannot open his eye that he cannot drive that could be dangerous so by game and solve this problem the by implants are specially designed engineering marbles which are synthetic biocompatible and have more than one focus so you can see far middle and near in each eye.

So when you do it in both the eyes you get binocularity at all distances as you can imagine these implants are more expensive than let’s say this soft tech HD implant.

In fact they around 10 times more expensive and they sit in your eye for the rest of your life giving you good binocular vision at all distance hence we can easily see by is superior to mono vision and when you have to make a permanent choice in your life you should choose the latest and the best which restores you to more natural and youthful vision.

PIE or Monovision

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