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Affordable Lasik Los Angeles

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Lasik Los Angeles – My Experience

Video Transcript – Lasik Los Angeles

Hi, my name is Anu and i’m a patient of Dr Khanna. I got the lasik los angeles uh surgery done.

I was really excited about it because i’ve been wearing contacts for 25 years, so i was really done and i was looking forward to this procedure. After i was done, nursing my children my experience here was great because i was very nervous the whole idea of the surgery was terrifying to me um. I almost like even on the day of the surgery i was extremely nervous um.

I do get claustrophobic so i um almost was like i don’t want to do this, but they the way they handled my anxiety and um with so much ease and grace and care it was just amazing and they did it i didn’t feel terrified and the results have been amazing, like i’ve had very little drive i just feel great with the vision i had, the recovery was so brief um but overall just the staff here the doctor himself just excellent, care bedside manner just just a great great place.

So i felt very comfortable i’ve had amazing results and i’m so excited. I never have to wear glasses and contacts [Laughter] so thank you uh Dr Rajesh Khanna and your team very grateful um and yes i would highly recommend to to anybody.

Lasik Los Angeles
Lasik Los Angeles Surgeon - Rajesh Khanna MD
Lasik Los Angeles Surgeon – Rajesh Khanna MD
Lasik Los Angeles

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Ashley. I recently had super lasik los angeles eye surgery and i’m here to tell you a little bit about my experience.

I have worn contacts and glasses since i was i believe about 13 years old, so 23 years now and as most of you who wear contacts and glasses know they can be a hindrance.

I have allergies so especially during allergy season when my eyes would get itchy and irritated and red having my contacts in was a no-go um, I also have lighter eyes, i’m a little more sensitive to the sun and so when i had to wear my content or my glasses i wasn’t able to wear sunglasses in the car and so then i was squinting all the time, so it was just a big pain in the butt.

So to speak um, i had considered doing lasik los angeles um, for a long time but i just kind of always chickened out at the last minute and decided that i wasn’t ready to do it. I it was just too weird, i would just put up with the contacts and the glasses until recently then i was ready to pull the trigger and get started.

Okay so after working here for about a year and seeing all of the patients that have come in for lasik los angeles and have had amazing results and how easy they made it look i decided that i definitely wanted to go forward and do this.

So we set up my consultation. I went through the same procedure that all of our patients go through when they come in. I had a consultation with Dr Khanna and the techs they did very thorough tests and scans and exams for me to see that i would be a good candidate forlasik los angeles. During that time we found out that i have steep corneas so therefore flap lasik los angeles was not the best option for me.

Super lasik los angeles would be the better option so we decided that i would do super lasik los angeles which instead of creating a flap just gently removes and pushes aside the upper layers of the epithelium or the cornea so my pre-op instructions were a piece of cake for the lasik los angeles surgery uh it basically amounted to making sure i’m not wearing any makeup the day of the procedure and the day before i just had to put some drops in my eyes could not have been easier.

I was able to eat the day of surgery. It’s not like major surgery where you can’t eat anything before and also a little little incentive was they do give you a xanax the day of if you’re feeling nervous just to kind of help take the edge off day of my procedure feeling really good i’m surprisingly not as nervous as i thought i would be but again i have seen so many amazing outcomes and seen how quickly the patients are recovering.

So i’m feeling really good about it um. They do a final measurement on the eye design making sure that all the numbers are as perfect as they can be, right before surgery.

I did take my xanax just to help kind of take the edge off of it and the prep is very easy so one of the techs took me back into the room. They do a betadine swab of your eye just to make sure it’s all clear making sure that there’s as little a chance of any type of infection as possible and then it’s into the laser suite.

So once you’re in there you’re only in the laser suite for about 10 minutes um they use a lot of numbing drops in your eyes. I was really nervous about feeling stuff but i honestly didn’t feel anything um so the speculum that they put in to keep your eyelids open during the procedure. I was like oh this is going to be so uncomfortable but it really was not at all they talked me through every single step as they were doing it.

So, I knew exactly what was coming the best way, I can describe it was there was absolutely no pain whatsoever when they removed my epithelium. I felt some slight pressure but absolutely no pain i thought i would be a little flinchy having things coming near my eyes but then it was almost like because i was i couldn’t feel it.

I was numb i felt like i was just looking at somebody doing something in front of me like i didn’t really feel like they were on my eye which was not you know making me flinch by any means um so once they started they let me know the laser was about to start um i knew you know no turning back obviously at this point but it was the coolest thing in a way so when the laser actually comes on it kind of looks like you’re going through a wormhole in space it’s really kind of cool the colors that you’re seeing and everything.

I will say it did smell a little hot to me but it didn’t hurt there was no burning there was no pain whatsoever. It was over within 30 seconds and then we were on to the next eye after they finished they put a little bit of cooling water on my eye.

They put on a bandage contact again since i had super lasik los angeles and i didn’t have a flap to protect my cornea they put on a bandage contact that i would wear as my epithelial cells healed and then we went on to the next eye and it was exactly the same thing no pain at all a little bit of pressure and then through the wormhole again and i was done.

When i sat up i could see the clock on the wall clearly my prescription before i had this procedure done was like negative 3 and negative 3.50 i had an astigmatism, i had myopia, i was nearsighted and so being able to see a clock on a wall far away was mind-blowing, no pain whatsoever.

I came out and laid down uh relaxed in the chair for about 10 or 15 minutes in a dark room which is what we do with all of our the patients that finish and then they took me into the room to check make sure everything was good and they gave me my post-op instructions.

My recovery was much easier than i had expected i had heard from patients that i had super lasik los angeles as well as my own knowledge of super lasik los angeles that it can be a little more painful during the recovery because of the super lasik los angeles aspect where the cornea needs to regrow so i was expecting a lot of discomfort.

A lot of pain but i was pleasantly surprised, once they went over my post-op instructions.

I was free to go home, i got to go home with what i call my superhero goggles so it’s a pair of dark goggles that you wear keeps you from rubbing your eyes because when you go home you just want to sleep between the xanax and everything else you just you want to sleep and you don’t want to accidentally rub your eyes as i mentioned i had bandage contacts in that i would have to wear for a few days as my eye recovered and healed so when i got home i slept for a few hours.

I woke up and i was feeling really good with the super lasik los angeles because it can be a little more painful i was given some painkillers i took those every six hours just to kind of stay ahead of the pain.

I would say my worst night was probably friday night, the day that i had surgery that night i woke up in the middle of the night and the best way i can describe it was my eyes felt hot um i was blurry on friday.

I could see but i was blurry um saturday when i woke up the the heat that i was feeling had gone away in my eyes maybe felt a little scratchy but no pain um i continued using the comfort drops that they gave me as well as using my eye drops for the antibiotic and the steroid just to help in the recovery and i was feeling great.

It was still pretty blurry on saturday as well which i knew to expect again because of a super lasik los angeles it’s a longer recovery by sunday was definitely doing better vision was a little better and by monday i was to the point where my far or you know distance vision was great.

I was seeing very clearly, my near vision was pretty good as well my middle vision was still kind of blurry. So like the computer or driving like looking at the dash of your car it was a little blurry and it wasn’t quite clear but when i did my follow-up on tuesday i had my contacts removed because my epithelium had healed and they were ready to come off and i did my vision test i was 20 20 on tuesday.

Only four to five days after having surgery i was seeing pretty clearly i did still have some blurriness at the computer that was my biggest recovery hurdle so to speak was it took about a week for me to be sharp all the way when i came back in on friday at my one week post-op i was 2015 in my right eye and i was 20 20 in my left eye so my at that point it was one week on the dot i was crystal clear i was able to see the computer with no problem whatsoever my distance and near vision were amazing.

I wasn’t having any issues with my cell phone um super super easy recovery like i had
mentioned not near as painful as what i was expecting using the painkillers helped the comfort drops help just following the simple instructions really made it easy it’s been about two months now.

I’m at um 2015 vision which is awesome um i have not had any problems as far as um distance vision being blurry middle or near vision being blurry. Everything is perfect and i cannot be happier, i’m telling everybody about this so easy, i don’t know why i waited so long to do it.

Lasik Los Angeles

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