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Astigmatism LASIK Eye Surgery For Armed Forces

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Lasik surgery helps many. We perform lasik eye surgery for armed forces to defend the vision of our defenders. As they sit crouched up in bunkers looking out for the enemy it all depends on their vision. In desert conditions dust entering eye under contacts or fogging the glasses can be life threatening.

Lasik can make life safer whether you are a marine who has to go underwater in middle of night or an ace pilot flying advanced planes.

You may be squeamish about eye surgery after watching clockwork orange or other horror movies. We have introduced painless horror free lasik eye procedure.

Cost for Lasik Eye Surgery For Armed Forces

Well we kept the best for the last. At Khanna Vision Institute we take pride in enhancing the sight of our armed force personnel. We also know frequent deployments and separation from family are stressful. We want to take the stress out of lasik eye surgery. Mention of money causes stress. We remove that by offering a special price- available only to active duty personnel. Well, veterans also get a nice price.

So if you are a seebee hurry over. Marines we are proud of our painless lasik which we are offering to you.

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