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Eyehance Toric Implant Helps Near Vision

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In an effort to identify the need for providing solutions to post-operative cataract patients to boost vision, Johnson & Johnson Vision, a global leader in eye health, launched the TECNIS Eyhance ™ intraocular lens (IOL), a remarkable mono-focal IOL implant for patients who have undergone cataract removal surgery procedures. This IOL is made to prolong depth of focus from distance to intermediate vision, to help satisfy the needs of modern lifestyles of patients post cataract surgical procedure.

Dr. Rajesh Khanna, an ophthalmologist, has carried out the early post approval cases in the Los Angeles and Ventura area, making use of the enhanced mono-focal IOL. The doctor said the early results were very impressive and indicate that this new lens technology delivers on its lifestyle goals by offering an increased depth of focus that is functionally useful.

The enhanced mono-focal IOL is a single-piece, aspheric refractive IOL based on the platform of the ZCB00 (TECNIS monofocal IOL, Johnson & Johnson Vision). The new lens features the same hydrophobic acrylic product, base geometry, corneal spherical aberration correction, and dimensions as the ZCB00.

However, the higher-order aspheric anterior surface of the enhanced mono-focal IOL develops a consistent increasing progression of power that gives some added plus power over the main portion.

“The novel optic design of the Eyhance results in improved intermediate vision compared with a basic aspheric mono-focal IOL, but [offers] the same performance with respect to distance vision, contrast sensitivity, and risk of photic phenomena,” the doctor claimed.

Results from a multicenter European, prospective, randomized research study comparing the improved mono-focal Eyehance IOL and also the ZCB00 IOL show the efficiency advantage and safety of the new lens.

Patients enrolled in the test were appointed to undertake reciprocal implantation with the enhanced mono-focal IOL or the conventional mono-focal lens; 67 patients who got the enhanced mono-focal lens and 72 in the regular mono-focal IOL group were seen at a 6-month follow-up visit.

Data from ETDRS visual acuity testing revealed the enhanced mono-focal IOL group achieved substantially better distance-corrected intermediate visual acuity (DCIVA) and uncorrected IVA in both monocular as well as binocular testing.

For all end points, there was a 1.0-to-1.1-line difference (Snellen equivalent) in between groups preferring the enhanced mono-focal IOL.

Mean monocular as well as binocular distance-corrected VA was 20/20 or much better with the enhanced mono-focal IOL as well as superior to, compared with the standard mono-focal IOL group.

At 6 months in the enhanced mono-focal IOL group, mean binocular DCIVA was 20/25 and mean binocular DCIVA was 20/17. Corresponding with the VA results, binocular defocus curves showed better mean VA from -0.5 with -2.0 D for the enhanced mono-focal IOL compared to the standard lens.

Finding its niche
Along with being a promising choice for cases where a common mono-focal or toric mono-focal IOL would be made use of, the enhanced mono-focal IOL and also its toric version are options to use in a monovision approach for patients who want an extensive range of vision but who do not want to get or are not prospects for a specialized presbyopia-correcting IOL.

The TECNIS Eyhance ™ IOL is a crucial first for the mono-focal category, as a lot of lenses today only correct vision to help patients see objects at a distance, however do not improve intermediate vision needed for many essential daily tasks. This new IOL offers breakthrough refractive design offering continuous increasing power from the periphery to the center of the lens and this will help patients undergoing eye surgery to experience excellent quality vision at both intermediate and far distances post-procedure, permitting patients to accomplish considerably enhanced intermediate vision, especially in low-illumination settings, compared with a  standard aspheric mono-focal IOL, along with 20/20 distance vision.
Furthermore, data has revealed a reduced occurrence of halo, glare or starburst (bright circles of light that surround facing lights and other light sources) in TECNIS Eyhance ™, equivalent to what has been reported with the TECNIS ® one-piece IOL. This product from the TECNIS ® house leverages the proven design of TECNIS ® one-piece system and provides a premium solution to improved vision and eye health.

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