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Vivity Presbyopia Implant

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Vivity is a new offering from Alcon. It is an extended depth of field presbyopic implant. As you may recall, the other implant in this category is the Symfony from Johnson and Johnson.

AcrySof™ IQ Vivity Extended Vision Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

Vivty is designed on the acyrsof platform which has been a long standing offering from Alcon.

Vivity enhances Alcon’s existing IOL profile by offering an additional alternative for patients with or without cataracts to deal with presbyopia. A first-of-its-kind, non-diffractive lens that provides a continuous extended range of vision while maintaining a low incidence of visual disturbances, like a mono-focal IOL.

About Vivity

The non-diffractive AcrySof ™ IQ Vivity ™ Extended Vision Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens Model DFT015 (referred to as AcrySof ™ INTELLIGENCE Vivity ™ IOL) is a UV-absorbing as well as blue light filtering collapsible intraocular lens (IOL). This IOL, compared to a mono-focal IOL, gives an extensive range of vision from distance to near without enhancing the occurrence of visual disturbances.

What is it?
The AcrySof ™ IQ Vivity ™ IOLs are artificial lenses implanted in the eyes of adult patients to correct vision after having the natural lens removed due to a cataract. Cataracts are often the result of aging, yet can have various other causes. This authorization broadens the use to enhance just how well you have the ability to see during activities that take place:

  • At an arm’s length distance such as working on a computer, applying make-up, or                                                                                                                           shaving (intermediate vision),
  • as well as at close range, such as reading, writing, and sewing (near vision).

How does it work?
The AcrySof ™ IQ Vivity ™ IOLs work by bending light rays to enable them to focus on the retina (the back surface of the eye) to correct blurry distance vision that would certainly result from removing a cataract and not replacing it with an artificial lens. The lenses also offer better intermediate as well as near vision compared to a normal intraocular lens implant.

When is it used?
The AcrySof ™ IQ Vivity ™ Extended Vision IOL is implanted in patients 22 years of age or older through surgical treatment to get rid of a cataract.

The AcrySof ™ IQ Vivity ™ Toric Extended Vision IOL is implanted in people 22 years old or older with pre-existing corneal astigmatism after a cataract surgical procedure. The lens helps reduce the effects of presbyopia (a minimized ability of the eye to focus on objects at arm’s length or up close, brought on by aging).

What will it accomplish?
The lenses have actually been shown to enhance both intermediate and near vision in those that had lens replacement surgery with AcrySof IQ Vivity IOL, compared to the mono-focal IOL.

The latest technology in Alcon’s portfolio of presbyopia-correcting IOLs, Vivity is the first-of-its-kind, extended range of vision IOL that makes use of non-diffractive design called X-WAVE ™ technology to decrease a cataract patient’s dependence on glasses. According to patient-reported end results, Vivity allows high-grade vision at distance and intermediate ranges in addition to functional up-close vision. Available in spherical and toric designs, Vivity is built on Alcon’s tested AcrySof IQ IOL system that has been implanted in more than 120 million eyes globally. “We are thrilled to present Vivity since it addresses some usual concerns of surgeons and cataract patients alike when considering presbyopia-correcting IOLs (PC-IOLs),” said Michael Onuscheck, President, Global Business and Innovation at Alcon. “This novel non-diffractive lens option gives PC-IOL performance with the convenience of mono-focal patient management. “Alcon’s exclusive non-diffractive technology utilizes two smooth surface transition elements on the anterior surface of the IOL that function simultaneously to create continual, extended range of vision as opposed to separate focal points. Current professional trials found Vivity provides great quality of vision at distance and intermediate ranges in bright as well as dim light. Without glasses, 94 percent of patients reported excellent or very good vision at distance, and 92 percent reported excellent or very good vision at arm’s length. Additionally, individuals making use of Vivity, reported such low levels of starbursts, halos and glares that Vivity’s visual disturbance profile approaches that of a mono-focal lens.

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