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Improving Golf- Club, Ball or PIE? – that is the question

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Visualize the Perfect Game of Golf

For many people, golf is what they strive to spend their  free time investing in and why not?! The beautiful weather, the smell of the grass, the laughter amongst friends on the course. It’s the perfect way to relax and stay fit in your golden years. The irony is that when you finally get the time to be able to hit the green and enjoy your passion, your sight has lost it’s youthful abilities. It can become difficult to see the score card or watch the ball fly through the air towards the hole. Many people have become used to subpar vision and settle with less than perfect scores.

As vision deteriorates over many years, you may have forgotten what clear sight and the ability to focus actually do for you in your daily lives. Maybe you’ve never had perfect sight or been able to capitalize on the advantages that your vision can provide for you. Until recently, people have resorted to readers, bifocals, contact lenses and other aides. This can prove to be frustrating though while on the golf course where the demand for various visual distances and acuities are needed.

Many people are relishing in the benefits of a procedure called PIE (Presbyopic Implant in the Eye). PIE uses an artificial lens to replace the contents of your natural lens and is the only FDA-approved procedure to permanently cure the loss of vision due to maturing eyes. PIE has given the ability to see at all distances in both eyes for a lifetime. Each lens is customized to your specific lifestyle and visual requirements and with very little “downtime” for recovery, you can be back on the course in no time.

So many people are amazed when they can finally see what they’ve been missing that PIE has been popularized as an innovation in the world of eyesight. The testimonials from individuals in their golf games has been so remarkable that it has provoked an incredible trend in the sport. Since golf is especially challenging when it comes to various distances of sight required to excel, PIE is now becoming the go-to solution to improve their game.

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