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Aging with Grace

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Aging with Grace

For those of us that are reaching our 50’s, we’ve began to notice that the small print is harder to read. Maybe it takes a minute to focus on the object in your hand or you need to hold the newspaper at an arms distance to be able to see it clearly. This is the natural aging process affecting your eyes which is a condition called Presbyopia. Though these inconveniences can be annoying, they are not dangerous, at least not at this point. If you fast-forward a few years, the story could change.

As you may know, falls are the leading cause of hip fractures and other accidents. What you may be unaware of is that poor vision is a contributor to the accidental slip and falls. They may be preventable if the vision is corrected.

Let’s try to understand the cause and effect. First let’s consider depth perception: the ability to perceive the relative distance of objects in one’s visual field. Have you ever reached out for a step and misjudged how close or steep it was? Most people have. But as we age, and maybe wear progressive glasses, the peripheral field of vision is compromised. Dry eyes and changes in natural lenses can even compromise the central field. These shortcomings affect the brains ability to superimpose the images from the two eyes which allows us to judge distances very accurately. Therefore, going down the stairs, leaning on a table, or going to the restroom at night can prove dangerous.

Driving with confidence is another area that is affected by decreased vison and depth perception. Glare at night can cause difficulty as well. Add to this inability to focus on the road signs or see the dashboard can dramatically affect our concentration while driving. The dreaded DMV test may be coming up and the fear of losing your independence due to a lack of visual ability is an unfortunate consequence to mother nature. Some may even give up driving.

Poor vision can lead to accidents
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It’s a shame to live in fear of such an occurrence due to conditions that can be treated. Presbyopia (the natural aging process of the eyes in which the focusing ability weakens), Astigmatism (refractive error in which the eye does not focus light evenly on the retina) blurry vision and having a lazy eye can all be causes of poor depth perception.

Presbyopia has a permanent cure and many other advantages that accompany the procedure to correct this ailment. The procedure works by replacing the contents of the natural lens of the eye with a biocompatible lens that is customized to your specific visual needs. Each eye is able to see at all distances without glasses and contacts. The brain is able to superimpose the two identical images generated at all distanced to create binocular depth perception. In addition, since the contents of the natural lens are being replaced, one will never endure the clouding associated with cataracts. The Presbyopic Implant will provide permanent stable vision throughout your lifetime. In fact, people with having had the PIE procedure usually see at the ability of a thirty year old. The recovery is very quick allowing for most patients to be continuing their daily lives within just a day. There is no longer a need to worry about the disadvantages that come along with poor vision.

This revolution can provide you with the safety and security to live out your middle age and golden years to their capacity and allow you the privilege of aging with grace.

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