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What is Amblyopia?

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Amblyopia is the medical term for an eye disorder more commonly known as “lazy eye.” Amblyopia is caused by reduced vision in an eye. Frequently that eye has not been adequately used during childhood. Amblyopia most often result from refractive error. In other cases, it is caused by two eyes producing a difference in image quality (i.e. one eye focuses better than the other).

If amblyopia is not treated, the weaker eye may eventually become useless. However, early diagnosis and treatment can help restore vision in the weaker eye. Although amblyopia usually only affects one eye, both eyes can be affected if they are both deprived of receiving clear visual images. Amblyopia treatment can be successful at any age.

Lazy eye may cause strabismus (i.e. crossed eyes), which involves a misalignment of the eyes. It is better to treat refractive error prior to treating strabismus or immediately after squint surgery. Otherwise the condition can recur.

Amblyopia or Lazy can cause…

Some of the most common symptoms of amblyopia are:

  • Poor depth perception
  • Eyes that turn in or out
  • Eye strain
  • Headaches
  • Squinting or closing one eye while watching TV or reading
  • Tilting the head while looking at an object

Amblyopia and Treatment Options

Correction of refractory error is the utmost importance. Glasses and contact lenses have been traditionally used. If the child cannot wear either than laser vision correction may be option. Removing cataracts which obstruct vision may be required.

The lazy eye may be stimulated by exercise. At the same time the other eye can be surprised by fogged glasses, dilating it with atropine or patching it.

Dr. Khanna has treated a 26 year old patient with lazy eye. He performed lasik eye surgery to correct the high anisometropia. The young man was able to change his drivers license from a one eyed to a two eyed driver. He also cured the boys mother with Pi in Eye procedure. She was in her fifties. There is no upper age limit for treatment.Even though books and some doctors preach an upper limit of 11 years of age.It is true the sooner intervention is done the better the results.

It is important to know the not all lazy eyes are treatable. If there is optic nerve damage than outcome may not be good. Also if macula of the retina is affected the prognosis is not favorable. In such cases low vision therapy may be needed. That is why an expert needs to examine you or your kid as early as possible.

If you suspect your child may have amblyopia, Dr. Khanna can diagnose and treat this visual impairment. There are a number of advanced tests to be performed. These may not be available at your local eye doctor at walmart or costco. Please contact The Khanna Institute or call (877) 254-2662 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Khanna. We serve patients throughout Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, California.

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