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LASIK Side Effects

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LASIK Side Effects can decrease the happiness after Lasik eye surgery.By and large, LASIK is a safe and effective procedure. This is not to say it is without potential risks and side effects. If you are considering LASIK, it is important that you are fully aware of any potential side effects before committing to the procedure. Equally important is understanding if the vision disruptions you are experiencing after LASIK surgery are related to your procedure.

If you believe you are experiencing side effects following LASIK, please contact Beverly Hills LASIK surgeon Dr. Rajesh Khanna at 310 8964944 today to schedule an examination.

Common Side Effects of LASIK

The most common side effects of LASIK are:

  • Dry eyes
  • Itchy or burning eyes
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Halos and starbursts
  • Glare around lights
  • Loss of contrast sensitivity

These side effects are most often temporary and will self-correct as your eyes adjust to their new shape. Dr. Khanna will provide you with instructions on how to deal with issues such as dry eyes and will check other side effects during your follow-up visits to our Beverly Hills office.

In very rare instances, a side effect of LASIK may be visual regression. Women who are on hormone therapy are at a greater risk for this complication. However, as with other side effects of LASIK, visual regression usually self-corrects, particularly when medications that can cause it are temporarily suspended.

Preventing Side effects of Lasik eye surgery

  • Detailed examination before Lasik
  • Treating Dry eyes
  • Latest wavefront technology for laser delivery
  • Automated keratose to prevent light sensitivity from all laser lasik
  • Yellow tinted glasses to prevent glare

Alternatives to Lasik Eye Surgery

If a person is predisposed to side effects from lasik eye surgery an alternative procedure should be chose. If dry eyes is a possibility than superlasik eye surgery could be an option. If the patient has large pupils glare could be a problem. In such cases vision icl may be a choice.

Dr. Khanna has performed over 12,000 vision correction surgeries in his lifetime. Utilizing the latest in LASIK technology and customizing each procedure, he will do everything possible to minimize your risk for complications. If you experience any side effects after your LASIK procedure, Dr. Khanna will be happy to address your issues and help you determine the most effective ways to deal with the situation.

If you live in or around Beverly Hills, California and are experiencing side effects following LASIK surgery, please contact the Khanna Institute of LASIK & Refractive Surgery today to schedule an appointment.

We have offices in Beverly Hills and Westlake Village.

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