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REGAIN your your youth See-Better at Near and FaR PIE Lasik for Presbyopia

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​We are about to reach Mars – Ditch the glasses!

​”Throw away your glasses even reading glasses in the garbage.”

​Finally you can decrease your dependency on all glasses Keep Reading…


Lasik for presbyopia Pie would mean not needing glasses for distance nor reading. You will feel young.You may lead a more youthful life free from the burdens of carrying glasses around your neck.

Lasik was intended to cure all forms of vision problems. But we are sorry to report that FDA never approved Lasik for presbyopia. What we are happy about is they found PIE technologies to be safe and effective.

You may wonder that your doctor told you nothing could be done for presbyopia or aging eyes and here we are offering more than one solution. Can I trust the information here? 

Lasik for presbyopia Pie Allow decreased dependency on glasses. Many are Contact Lens and Glasses Free..

“YES YOU CAN”  In fact you can print the information here and take it to any doctor you want.  Everything written here is cutting edge precision technology available to be used only by certified eye surgeons. That means a wonderful doctor could have been 1st in class and even approved by the American Board but yet not have access to this space age technologies. Doctors like Rajesh Khanna, MD are certified to use these latest advancements., Major companies like Johnson and Johnson, Bausch and Lomb certified Dr. Khanna once he met their rigorous standards.

​And wait there is more. There is more than one type of PIE. There are implants like Raindrop and Kamra which are inserted in a pocket in the cornea.  Than there are the ones which are implanted deeper in the eye like Symphony and Restor. Ah, I hear you say Which technology is right for me?. 

Your eye is unique. Dr. Khanna therefore finds a personalized solution for your needs. Its good to understand the latest options to enhance your vision.

Presbyopic Implants Allow cure of”Presbyopia” The implants are placed – In Cornea or in Lens.

​The natural place for a presbyopic implant in eye is in the  lens. The natural lens what allows us to see at all distances. So logically the artificial biocompatible implant should be placed where the natural lens is.. Some researchers have put forth the proposal that the strongest lens in the eye is the cornea. Lasik is performed on this tissue. Therefore it may be employed to treat presbyopia too.

So lets us review the latest FDA approved technologies and see how they work. Please try to forget bifocals and progresseives. These groundbreaking vision procedures work differently. We will try t o explain complex physics in simple english language

​Corneal options are Kamra Inlay and Raindrop. They require creation of a corneal flap. This flap is  thicker than the one used for lasik eye surgery. 

Karma Inlay works on the pin hole camera principle. Kamra Inlay needs to be precisely centered. LearN more about Kamra Inlay.

Raindrop is a small thin hydrogel which reshapes the center of the cornea. Read more about Raindrop.

Corneal Implants are good for people who have pristine shaped cornea with no dry eyes. People who are able to tolerate asymmetry between their eyes are good candidates. A person can still develop cataracts due to aging and require cataract surgery. If you are unhappy with these inserts, they can be easily removed.

Would you like to avail of freedom – From Glasses, Contacts and Cheaters?

​If you are like the thousands of baby boomers who want to retain their depth of perception eat all distances than you should consider intralenticular implants. These implants require opening the lens, clearing its contents and placement of the presbyopic implant inside or on the bag. 

The implants are traditionally done one eye at a time. Some people may be happy  with just one implant to treat presbyopia. Majority want both eyes done to enjoy freedom from glasses at all distances and retain binocularity.

The latest generation of the presbyopic implants in eye can even correct astigmatism. You can attain more precise vision than ever before.

If you are looking for the following outcomes you are at the right page and place.

  •  See Far. You want o scuba dive, swim or ski without glasses. You don’t want glasses to restrict your sky diving or your driving.
  •  See Near. You want to see the score card while playing golf. Or read a bestseller. Or do needlework.
  •  See Intermediate. The dashboard of your car is important to be see with unaided eyes. Smartphones, laptops and newspapers.

Your wait is over, You Can Soon Start Seeing at ALL DISTANCES…

All that stands before you and your goals is fear of eye surgery. Overcome your hesitation and visit Khanna Vision Institute. The friendly staff and the charming bedside manners of Dr. Rajesh Khanna will put you at ease.

“God bless those hands that deliver the miracle…”

“I cannot believe it 🙂

I Feel free. The glasses had irritated my skin so much that I used to panic when I had to wear glasses. I hated them so much. Now within a week of my procedure I can read everything.

I know realize why the book is titled The miracle of PiE. It feels like a miracle..”

​Dr. Khanna is the solution. No one technique or implant can work for everybody. Eye expert Dr. Khanna brings to the table two decades of surgical experience. He combines that with certifications in the latest cutting edge technologies. He will help you choose what may be the best choice for you.

Yes, Now it’s Time To Meet the solution – “RAJESH KHANNA, MD”

  1. Listens to you: You know yourself better than anybody. Dr.Khanna listens to you to learn your problems and what you desire.
  2. Highly trained: Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, two residencies two fellowships and so on. Learn more about Rajesh Khanna, MD.
  3. Operated on Mom: He has implanted presbyopic implants on family members including his own mom.

Decrease your dependency on near vision glasses Forever.

With so many latest presbyopic implant options, it can get difficult to sift through the information. We understand that. We feel the same way when we have to buy a car. Luckily for you you can let Dr. Khanna do the heavy lifting for you. Tell him your problems and your desired goals. He can present you the best options for your lifestyle. You can than explore those in depth.

What is it you say.? ” Rajesh Khanna, MD is a Beverly Hills Presbyopic Treatment specialist.We live far away” How can you help us learn more about presbyopia and science behind the treatment.?’

​Dr,Khanna listened to you – here is a Perfect Resolution to the problem.

Dr.Khanna and our staff answered many questions from seekers of vision. Finally he decided to capture the essence of all those queries. He spent countless hours in developing an app and writing a fabulous  critically acclaimed  bestseller.

  1. Explore the app.: This app has been developed to help you understand and choose the best lasik for presbyopia pie option.
  2. Read the book: It is available on Amazon and Kindle. Explains how the eye works, what is presbyopia and how the solutions deliver..
  3. Listen to the audio version: Drive and learn. Especially if you do not want to wear glasses to read the book.

Cataract Surgery Demystified

See what some of our customers have to say:

“One of the most educational  apps…”

“The app was with every penny I paid. Easy to install and use. The interactive nature of this app blew me away. I felt there was person answering my questions. DO TRY THIS APPSCOTTMarketing Assistant

“An amazing book…”

“Most of the articles or webpages I have read have been technical  and boring. This informative book is different. It was an easy read. It is packed with so much easy to understand information on presbyopia. I even loved the chapter on Dry Eyes”PAULA PANCAKEOffice Manager

​I can write the prescriptions clearly

“Yes even physicians need to see. We go through the same struggles in choosing a vision surgery expert. I am glad I read the book and than had Dr. Khanna perform life changing surgery on my eye.’

( I am able to read for my Board recertification.)”DR. NGUYENDOCTOR

It has worked for thousands It can Work For You

We have had the pleasure of helping thousand of patients struggling with presbyopia. Dr. Khanna first implanted a presbyopic implant in 1992. It was a bifocal implant. Later he helped patient with presbyopia by performing mono vision or blended lasik eye surgery. So the history of PIE is rich and Dr. Khanna has lived most of that history. 

​In​ ​the last 10 years the technology has raced forward. Khanna Visio Institute has even helped people with lazy eye or Amblyopia see better with presbyopic implants.

Presbyopic Implant procedure with Dr.Khanna has Many Benefits

Treat presbyopia, correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, eliminate astigmatism – the benefits are so numerous. You got to try this!

“I am happy to offer options to reduce dependency on all sorts of visual aids or crutches like glasses, contacts and spectacles .” Dr.Khanna

​P.S.: We Welcome you to  explore your options. You need to act right now for the free copies of books and apps are limited and may run out soon..

Disclaimer.: All the information presented is for informational purposes only. You need to discuss your options with a qualified eye MD. Presbyopic implant ants require medical or surgical procedures. These procedures may be associated with unique risks and complications. No guarantee is implied in this webpage. Previous success does not guarantee future success. Your results may vary.

Disclaimer.:lasik for presbyopia pie is for entertainment purposes only. Lasik for presbyopia is not FDA approved. Presby Lasik or lasik for presbyopia may be available outside the United States.

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