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Don’t Struggle with Contact Lenses! FDA approved CXL here!

“Keratoconus Treatment Options Expert, Rajesh Khanna, MD.”

Pastor from Sacremento

Trust Keratoconus treatment specialist Dr.Khanna. He personally meets you and understands your difficulties with vision. He analyzes various specialized tests like pachymetry maps, color corneal topography, Ocular Coherence Tomography, manifest and cycloplegic refractions. The Doctor than custom designs a treatment plan for you which may include Intacs corneal ring segments, FDA approved Corneal Cross Linking, Intracoular Implantable Lenses, Laser Astigmatism correction (in selected few) or even DSEK/Corneal Transplants. This treatment plan is based on the recommendations of The roundtable of Global Keratoconus Experts on Treatment of Keratoconus.

The helpful staff will also work to see if your Medical Insurance will contribute towards treatment of your Keratoconus disease. Affordable no interest payments over 36 months will help you seek the best treatment option with a Keratoconus treatment master.

Call  310-896-4944 to learn more or read on about the latest in Keratoconus treatment and see how people have benefited from services of Keratoconus author and App creator Dr.Khanna. You can even download the #1 app on Keratoconus treatment for FREE

Intacs Patient

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“Keratoconus Treatment depends on your age and state of the disease”  Keratoconus authority Rajesh Khanna MD…
Beverly Hills Los Angeles Lasik Cataract Surgery

Are your suffering from Keratoconus? You may have not realized yet that you do not have to struggle with night driving problems. Glare and haloes can be decreased with certain advanced procedures. You can see much sharper with modern interventions.

The latest treatment techniques for Keratoconus have helped so many Keratoconus patients lead fruitful lives. A young man who was legally blind went on to become a commercial driver. A radiologist was able to successfully interpret complex MRI scans.

Patient vision greatly improves after getting intacts for Keratoconus

Its not an easy thing living with a disease like Keratoconus. You may have often wondered why  you have this  condition in your eyes. You may have questioned your doctor on this. All the answers may not have been satisfactory. Just like the interventions offered by them -Wear thick Glasses, force yourself to beleive that these gigantic irritable expensive contact lenses do not hurt you!

Genetics plays an important part. Certain genes inherited trough your parents express abnormal proteins. These lead to production of weak collagen which is the principal building block of the fibers of the Cornea. 

Epithelium off CXL – Corneal collagen cross linkage

Environmental factors may play a factor in triggering the progression of the weakening of the collagen fibers of the Cornea. The inflammation causes a person to rub their eyes. The rubbing may also push the bulging cornea up improving the vision.

“But please do not rub your eyes. They can weaken the cornea.” Keratoconus Treatment Pro Dr. K

Constant rubbing of the cornea can cause more inflammation. This inflammation may attack the collagen fibres of the cornea and further deteriorate the corneal shape. Some Keratoconus experts have opined that even hard contact lens can have detrimental side effects from constant rubbing against the bulging cornea. This rubbing can even cause scars. That means your vision could be permanently decreased.

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking (CXL)

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Color Corneal Topography or “Shape Map” – and  Ocular Coherence Tomography Pachymetry or “Thickness Map” help diagnose Keratoconus.

How do Intacs for Keratoconus Work

That’s just one of the diagnostic tools to detect Keratoconus. The red color is indication of protrusion of the cornea.. It means the red colored area is very steep or highly curved and pushed forward.

When you visit a doctor for eye glasses they may not perform these advanced tests. You may be diagnosed with only astigmatism. The Best Keratoconus Doctors recommend that all kids around puberty should have a color map exam. Especially if there is high astigmatism or frequent change of glasses.

If you have a family history of Keratoconus the top experts say you should have these exams to screen for keratoconus eye disease. If you are a keratoconus sufferer, than your immediate family like brother and sister should undergo tests to detect this corneal disease.

Coming back to your struggle with vision. Glasses don’t work. Contact lenses are very expensive. Every year you have to spend more and more money on them. Rubbing of the contact lens against your cornea causes irritation,redness and sometimes pain.  Lets explore the modern treatment for keratoconus. Lets learn which treatment may improve your vision and can the disease be cured.

What is Keratoconus Eye Disease

Modern Advanced Treatment of Keratoconus

Examination of eye prior to laser surgery

Cornea Cross Linking with Riboflavin

Cure of Keratoconus with Intacs

Intacs Corneal Ring Segment

DALK or Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty

Let us understand  – How Intacs work to treat Keratoconus.

Intacs corneal ring segments help decrease the asymmetric bulge of the cornea. These PMMA plastic segments help stretch the cornea. Hmm, a little difficult to comprehend?

Lets say we played a tough game of tennis . Sweaty shirt. Put it into the washer and dryer. Tired so forgot to fold. Next morning it is wrinkled. The wrinkles are elevations of the shirt. Its as if the shirt is bulging in that area. We put an iron to stretch the wrinkle and the profusion is history. Intacs also stretch the wrinkled center of the cornea. Keratoconus experts can sometimes see these wrinkles on slit lamp examination.

Intacs ring segments can be done at any age. If you are a teenager reading this, you may be a candidate. What if you are someone in their fifties? Intacs for keratoconus treatment is still a good choice. Intacs placement can also be combined with corneal collagen cross linking. It has been succefuly done in conjugation with (ICL) Phakic Intraocular collamer lens, PIE or presbyopic Implant in eye.

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  Keratoconus Expert Explains Cornea Collagen Cross Linking.

A European eye doctor invented the cross linking procedure for the strengthening of the cornea. Its a very interesting procedure. There are various theories on how exactly it works. The most important thing to remember is that corneal cross linkage or CXL works to make the cornea stiffer.

There are different options in cross linking. These can be divided into two. The first is how the riboflavin is delivered into the cornea. Secondly there are variations in delivery of the UV radiation. The UV light is delivered to activate the riboflavin.

  • Cross linkage of the cornea should be offered to all detected with Keratoconus. The sooner progression of keratoconus is halted the better it is. There is more effect of treatment in teenagers. After 45 years of age the effectiveness is less.
  • CXL can be performed as early as 10 years of age. The parents of young kids are scared to have treatment performed on their children. It is fruitful to understand that cross linking of a keratoconus cornea can SAVE VISION.
  • A keratoconus Specialist performs CCC (c3) or Corneal Collagen Cross linking. An expert in keratoconus management understands the nuances of treating  with chemicals. The safety of the cornea and eye is paramount.

All studies show Epithelium off CXL is the most Effective…

You may seen a lot of marketing on TV about cross linking. Science is stronger than gimmicks. The worlds top keratoconus experts agree on this. Keratoconus eye disease needs to be treated with Cross linking. They also agree  that epithelium on cross linking is not more effective than epithelium off cxl.

Here is a picture from a leading journal in Ophthalmology. It shows increased stroll compaction or effect after epi off corneal cross linking with riboflavin when compared with epi on.

In 2018 the best cxl is FDA approved Avedro Photrexa Epi off! 

See and hear what some of our Keratconus patients  have to say:”Social Proof With Customer Testimonials…”

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“Wrestling Made Easy…”

People come from Outside Los Angeles

Some people live far away from Los Angeles. They feel even if they know their options they would not have acess to a treatment provider. Dont worry. If after using our keratoconus app you are unable to find an expert nearby, we can arrange for you to come here for treatment.

The Keratoconus Treatment App is for you !

Trust us to help in your journey to a better vision. Consider us your friend. This app will be your trustworthy guide.

“Keratoconus is a lifelong disease. Lving with Keratoconus can be difficult. Our goal is to improve your sight and your life.”

P.S.: We will never sell you email. Your privacy is important to us. . This web page and the keratoocnus app is for informational purposes only.  They are not an alternative to a Board Certified Keratoconus Expert. A consultation with Keratoconus Eye Surgeon  is necessary.

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