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Uveitis and Lasik Eye Surgery

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So what is Uveitis? Can Lasik be still performed

Uveitis is inflammation of the middle layer of the coverings of the eye, known as the uvea. It can include iritis, choroiditis and pars planitis. Uveitis is uncontrolled can lead to blindness.

Can Lasik be done if I have Uveitis?

Of course any type of Lasik surgery or vision corrective surgery in those with a history of uveitis is a judgment call for the surgeon. Lasik has not been shown to cause potential flare ups for patient suffering from Uveitis but that does not mean it it not possible. Therefore the good news is that yes, Lasik can be a viable solution for vision correction with Uveritis patients. Make sure to ask the doctor treating your uveitis about possible complications and seek a refractive consult from an experienced and ethical surgeon

What if I have been diagnosed with chronic Uveritis?

If your Uveitis flares up every year or so and you see a eye doctor routinely then your doctor can label the uveitis as controlled Uveritis. This means you can benefit from Lasik. While a surgery can cause a flare up your contacts can do the same, therefore Lasik may be more beneficial than contacts. You will need to find a trained surgeon who has had lots of experience with Uveritis to see if Lasik is right for you.

Dr. Khanna is an expert lasik eye surgeon in Beverly Hills who has handled such complicated cases. Here is a brief discussion about a patient of Khanna eye center.

A 34 year old female patient who was both an attorney and a doctor was suffering from inflammation in her eyes for 11 years. But boy did she hate her poor vision with her glasses! She had consulted with the top laser experts on the East coast. When she moved to california she looked up our laser eye center and consulted with Dr. Khanna.

Dr. Khanna examined her thoroughly and made sure her inflammation was in remission. He offered her superlasik eye surgery as it would avoid undue pressure on the vitreous base. Secondly, prolonged therapy with eye drops would also suppress iritis (inflammation of iris) and pars planitis. The inflammation needed to be suppressed at least six months and preferably a year before laser vision correction should be attempted.

What if I get Uvetis after Lasik?

Now let us consider the reverse case. What if uveitis develops after lasik eye surgery? The first thing a surgeon needs to investigate in such a case is to look for interface inflammation. Such cases may need the flap to be lifted and the interface washed thoroughly. Steroid eye drops help whereas non-steroidal should be avoided. A close eye should be kept on the central corneal thickness. In 1996 in the Journal of cataract and refractive surgery, Dr. Khanna described post lasik interface keratitis associated with iritis. He is an expert in managing such cases from Grade 1 to Grade 4 type of PLIK or DLK.

So if you have had an adverse reaction after your lasik eye surgery you can contact Khanna Vision Institute for a second opinion. If you have a history of uveits and considering Lasik eye surgery please schedule a google hangout consult with us.

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