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Eye doc does LASIK on Iris

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​Iris from Beverly hills 90210 was ecastic after receiving youthful vision at the Khanna Insitute adjacent to malibu.Stephanie Beacham has starred as the Superbitch. Malibu actresses are beautiful and best in their field. So when they need lasik eye surgery they look for the top expert in the field.

Stephanie Beacham found the top los angeles lasik eye surgeon and scheduled her exam. She never let him know she was a top actress.

​Of course our readers will recognize her right away.

Her list of achievement include The bold and Beautiful (the entire list crashed this site)

Here you can see her looking with her soulful eyes at Marlon Brando!

​We wish her the best as she leaves for a season of theatre in England

Rajesh Khanna, MD

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