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The Don’ts After Lasik Surgery What Not to DO

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Lasik vision surgery is a great solution to correct the vision of those who are tired of being dependent on prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Lasik, Superlasik and Lasek surgery in general work the same way – by reshaping the cornea to permanently correct vision. It is a painless procedure; however, there are important things to remember and follow post-procedure to make sure that the effects of Lasik surgery will last.

Happy Lasik Patient!

Don’t stare at bright lights.
After Lasik surgery, patients are required to wear dark sunglasses even indoors to ensure that the dim environment is kept. This also means sleeping with protective goggles on to block light and avoid getting the eyes rubbed or scratched.

Don’t drive.
Since the healing patients are not allowed to experience normal light, it follows that they are also not allowed to drive or be by themselves because of the visibility issues. Lasik surgery patients have to be dependent on others while healing for about two days. Lasek patients may require help for night time driving for a few more nights.

Don’t use makeup.
The eyes are sensitive as is, more so after Lasik surgery. Using makeup may irritate and infect the eyes after Lasik surgery or worse may find its way under the flap. That is why using cosmetics is not permitted for at least three days. Only the doctor-given eye drops are allowed to be used on the eyes.

Don’t exercise.
After Lasik surgery, a minimum of three days of rest is required, with little television and strenuous activities. Lasik Doctors do not allow exercising until a few days after surgery to ensure that the healing happens completely since the eyes can get irritated and tired with exercising. Sweat may track into the eyes causing irritations. Dr. Khanna therefore recommends wearing a headband while exercising or indulging in sports for a few days.

Don’t drink alcohol.
Alcohol is not allowed for about two days to a week since it can have an adverse effect on the prescribed medication and delay the healing process. More importantly if you get drunk you may accidentally rub your eyes and move your flap. Avoid rave parties too.

Don’t take a shower.
Water should not be allowed to enter the eyes, which is why taking baths using the shower is not allowed during the first week. Alternatively, using goggles when bathing can be done to provide extra help and safety. But definitely avoid swimming pools, saunas, spas and sea water for three weeks.

Lasik eye surgery follows the same principles and precautions in every city in California or United States, which means patients should always follow the recommendations of physicians, no matter where they get the procedure done. Dr. Rajesh Khanna, serving all the California, offers free consultations where patients can have all their lasik questions answered.

*Written by Los Angeles Lasik expert, Dr. Rajesh Khanna

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