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Brenda Song has Khanna LASIK

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Brenda Song had successful LASIK surgery with Los Angeles LASIK surgeon; Dr. Rajesh Khanna M.D. Dr. Khanna used advanced wavefront flap technology and Brenda is now able to see without the use of glasses or contacts.

Brenda Song is an accomplished and well known American actress, singer and model. Brenda began her career at age six and went on to star in numerous feature films including; Like Mike and College Road Trip. In 2002 Brenda signed a contract with the Disney Channel and has since appeared in several Disney shows and movies. Brenda’s most noted work includes her role on the Emmy nominated series The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Over the years Brenda has been acknowledged for work; receiving a Young artist award for her role in The Ultimate Christmas Present as well as an Asian excellence award nomination for her work on a television series. In order to advance her career Brenda decided to get the Lasik eye procedure to improve her personal and professional life, and to make working on a set more manageable and less complicated.

Brenda met Dr. Khanna at an event in Hollywood; there she expressed a desire to stop needing her contact lens. Brenda mentioned she had an astigmatism and was becoming contact lens intolerant. Rajesh Khanna M.D. recommended that she come in for a screening to see if she was eligible for LASIK. Brenda replied that as soon as she got a break from her busy schedule of shooting she would visit the office for her screening. One day in June, Brenda came to the Khanna Institute accompanied by her mom. Dr. Khanna thoroughly examined her eyes and did various tests to make sure LASIK would be the safest procedure for her. Brenda was very smart and asked intelligent and pointed questions. Dr. Khanna was able to answer all of those questions and win her confidence. Brenda was so excited about the upcoming procedure that in her interview with KTLA (refer to video on home page) she discussed her anticipation for her LASIK surgery. Brenda was a model patient on the day of surgery, she arrived confident and comfortable. Dr. Khanna kept her relaxed by using his expert surgical skills to fashion a perfect, thin flap. He then applied the wavefront laser to correct Brenda’s astigmatism. Brenda’s mom was overcome with joy and repeatedly hugged and thanked Dr. Khanna for his precise work. After surgery Brenda was amazed with her new vision.  (Please see videos on home page)

Brenda and Dr. Khanna documented her transformation and experience with LASIK surgery via video. The video which has been available on well known internet site; You Tube has become so popular that it has reached over 20,000 hits. It is because of this enormous success that you tube now wants to showcase the video. The Khanna Institute is immensely proud that a celebrity artist and celebrity surgeon have combined to produce a phenomenal result.

Brenda was exceptionally friendly and kind to all of the staff and patients. Brenda is known for her impressive acting skills and bubbly personality. Her strong family values have kept her focused on her craft and away from the L.A. party scene. Dr. Khanna feels Brenda represents a great role model for teens and young adults. Brenda is currently working on her newest blockbuster film Boogie town which will be in theaters this summer. The Khanna Institute continues to wish Brenda success in all her endeavors.

Dr.Khanna has also performed surgeries on celebrities like Corbin Bleu, Poorman, Stephanie Beacham, Kamar des los reyes, Sheri Saum and others.

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